SVG Not Worried About Job, D12 Clowns Orlando Reporters

Fun Awkward Fun times in Orlando for the media today. Apparently, Dwight Howard, who caused much hullabaloo at the trade deadline about whether he would opt-in to the 2013 season, told Magic management he wants head coach Stan Van Gundy out. SVG said he heard of the rumor’s validity from “the top.” In true apathetic fashion (classic Van Gundy), the fifth-year coach shrugged off questions about what decision the front office would make, saying he’s the head coach today and he’s focused on stopping Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks tonight. “It’s 12:02 right now,” he said. “If they want to fire me at 12:05, I’ll go home and find something to do. I’ll have a good day.”  Solid attitude from the big fella.

The best part of the interview is when D12 interrupts the reporters, slugging his arm around SVG’s shoulders. Dwight refutes the supposed politicking (which is just glorious considering SVG just confirmed it seconds before). Dwight agreed the main concern was stopping Melo tonight and poked fun at the writer, Dave Ping, who broke the rumor and was not at interviews. Van Gundy promptly asks the reporters if he’s done and, when he gets the green light from the media, scurries away. It was awkward. Howard then continued to ask reporters if they watched Sports Center (in context it made sense) and assured the rumor was false.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of SVG’s life.

It almost seems like Dwight is on a quest to test the free agent market without coming off as big of an asshole as LeBron James did in 2010.

Van Gundy coached the Miami Heat 2.25 seasons before resigning (some speculate it was because of pressure from Pat Riley) in 2006. The Heat would proceed to win the NBA Championship. I would assume Van Gundy would jump to the top of the coaching free agent list (considering Phil Jackson is retired) if he were to get the boot.

Enjoy the hilarity below.

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