Don’t Talk About the NBA Unless You Played In It

What defines an NBA scrub? Minutes not played? Points not scored? Championships not won? In this video, Skip Bayless, Jalen Rose, and Stephen A Smith debate that topic.

According to Jalen Rose, there’s no such thing. Granted, to get to the NBA takes a tremendous amount of talent, hard work, and dedication. This is true. But to excuse bad play over the course of a career, in say, Kwame Brown’s case? Is no one allowed to point out that he never lived up to a miniscule amount of his hype? A bad season can always be forgotten, especially when a rookie. When players like that never put in the work to improve their weaknesses, and just sit there, complacent with earning a check, they open themselves up to scrutiny. Plain and simple. If they’re allowed to receive idolization for great achievements, then they should be just as deserving of criticism, regardless of who it comes from.

And that moves us to the other argument here. According to Jalen, those who haven’t been to the NBA, or played at a high level, can’t criticize, or analyze the game as well as those who have? Really? I’m a writer. People, even those who cannot write themselves, criticize my writing all the time. And they’re allowed to. Just because they can’t write as well as others doesn’t mean they can’t read.

So Jalen’s point is moot, in those regards. Some of the best basketball minds are from those who have not played themselves. Red Auerbach didn’t play in the NBA, does that mean he doesn’t know the game? To play the game well is not to know the game well. Some of the greatest players in the game haven’t been able to show their knowledge of the game in other regards. Just look at Michael Jordan.

And for Jalen to call out Skip Bayless on high school stats is just cold, and doesn’t have anything to do with Skip’s knowledge of the game. Even a mediocre high school can open your eyes to the game itself. And those stats outweigh 30-years of covering the game?

While both sides bring up good arguments in this video, it’s still a childish, piss contest of an argument. So can we really even say either side won this debate?

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