Little Known Fact: LBJ Excels At Ice-Breakers

Moments after the Miami Heat wrapped up a 101-98 victory against the New Jersey Nets in Newark Tuesday, MVP candidate LeBron James went through the typical chaos that is the post-game handshake in the NBA (why not form lines?). After hugging with Gerald Green, pounding with Sundiata Gaines, and almost blowing off teammate the Mustache Man from the Cake music video of the same name Mike Miller, James signaled to the Heat bench, summoning rookie point guard Norris Cole to join him (let the conspiracy rumors begin). LBJ proceeds to visit with good buddy and minority owner of the soon-to-be Brooklyn Nets, Jay-Z, as Cole sheepishly walks over. James then introduces the rook from Cleveland State to Jay-Z. Then, the superstars decided to have a conversation with their hands over their mouths to ensure no one could read their lips. Fine. I see how it is. I didn’t even want to know what you guys were talking about anyway.

Hate LeBron if you must, but it was awfully nice of him to hand off his headband and shooter sleeve to a young fan after his chat with Hov (although putting a sweaty headband over someone’s eyes may not be the best illustration of hygiene).

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