It’s so hard to say goobye

“It’s so hard to say goodbye.” While a lovely line from a Boyz II Men song, it apparently doesn’t TK to the Nets departure from New Jersey en route to Brooklyn. Governor of New Jersey, Chris Chistie, wastes to words and sheds not a tear about the team’s departure from his state.

So it’s safe to ask, does anyone really care the Nets are moving? Has anyone even noticed the Nets are still around since the Kidd-led, early part of the decade?

Mikhail Prokhorov, Russian billionaire, lover of blondes, and Nets owner, once said he’d turn Knicks fans into Nets fans. That may be a silly sentiment. In the last ever New York Knicks match up against the New Jersey Nets, Knicks fans flooded the Prudential Center. But it wasn’t to get an early look at their new favorite team. It was because there are no Nets fans. Watching the game, you’d think the game was being played at the Garden. The Nets got booed throughout the game, beginning with the introductions. There was even an MVP chant for Carmelo Anthony.

With the Nets in disarray, out of the running to acquire Dwight Howard, and most likely loosing their only star player in Deron Williams, the move to Brooklyn won’t win you fans. Nets CEO Brett Yormark said, “Brooklyn, with 2.6 million people, they want their home team.”But he forgot that New York basketball fans already have their loyalties to the Knicks. And besides, winning teams win fans. Knicks fans have waited more than a decade to see a winning team. And with their team now on the upswing, they’re not going to jump on another losing team just because you print the word “Brooklyn” across their jerseys.


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