1 Kentucky vs 2 Kansas

1 Kentucky vs 2 Kansas Prediction: Winner of this match and the NEW National Champion, Kansas National Championship History (3-5): 2008, won against Memphis (75-68); 2003, lost to Syracuse (81-78); 1991, lost to Duke (71-65); 1988, won against Oklahoma (83-79); 1957, lost to North Carolina (54-53); 1953, lost to Indiana (69-68); 1952, won against St. … Continue reading

Kentucky Will Win Tonight

1 Kentucky vs 2 Kansas Prediction: Winner of this match and the NEW NCAA Champion, Kentucky National Championship History (7-2 record): 1998, won against Utah (78-69); 1997, lost against Arizona (84-79); 1996, won against Syracuse (76-67); 1978, won against Duke (94-88); 1975, lost against UCLA (92-85); 1966, lost against Texas-El Paso1 (72-65); 1958, won against … Continue reading

2 Kansas vs 2 Ohio State

2 Kansas vs 2 Ohio State Prediction: Kansas Most people are only looking at the other game today, between two coaches with so much ego, NCAA officials were debating if the game should be played outside, to allow both coaches to fit their overinflated heads in the same area. And while it’s likely Kentucky will … Continue reading

1 Kentucky vs 4 Louisville

1 Kentucky vs 4 Louisville Prediction: Kentucky We’ve already talked in-depth about the seeds of this rivalry and how these two natural rivals avoided each other for decades because of a lame Kentucky scheduling policy. While I would think the only team who could stop the seemingly invincible Wildcats would be their fiercest-rival, Louisville, the … Continue reading