Kentucky Will Win Tonight

1 Kentucky vs 2 Kansas Prediction: Winner of this match and the NEW NCAA Champion, Kentucky National Championship History (7-2 record): 1998, won against Utah (78-69); 1997, lost against Arizona (84-79); 1996, won against Syracuse (76-67); 1978, won against Duke (94-88); 1975, lost against UCLA (92-85); 1966, lost against Texas-El Paso1 (72-65); 1958, won against … Continue reading

The Rivalry That Almost Never Was

It’s easy to take Saturday’s game for granted between Kentucky and Louisville. Only 74.3 miles, a 1.5 hour drive on Interstate-64, separate the respective arenas for these two Bluegrass state schools. It’s like any other geographic rivalry. It’s the Grangerford’s against the Shepherdson’s, a feud based on honor and for territorial rights—not in the literal … Continue reading

An Orange Catastrophe?

Syracuse lost for the second time all season. And for that, they should be in crisis mode. They should rethink everything they once believed to be true. They should play man. They should return Fab Melo back to Brazil for another Victoria’s Secret model. Well, that is if you were to believe every analyst on … Continue reading