Hardly A Wasted Day

Few sports-related occasions can cause the sheer amount of workday laziness the NCAA Tournament creates. Before the 1970s, when the World Series was always a daytime affair, adults and children would crowd around the nearest radio (Lou Gehrig-era) or TV (Bill Mazeroski-era) in the middle of the day to watch the heroics unfold. It didn’t … Continue reading

Three Badasses Standing United, Looking Very Sad.

Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim chills with director(/Knick fan extraordinaire/Mars Blackman from the old Nike commercials) Spike Lee and SU athletic director Dr. Daryl Gross (left corner) late in the second half of Friday’s Big East Tournament semi-final between SU and Cincinnati.

An Orange Catastrophe?

Syracuse lost for the second time all season. And for that, they should be in crisis mode. They should rethink everything they once believed to be true. They should play man. They should return Fab Melo back to Brazil for another Victoria’s Secret model. Well, that is if you were to believe every analyst on … Continue reading